Rules Information (2008/2009): Health Risk Limits Rules for Groundwater - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Health Risk Limit Rules for Groundwater
2008/2009 Rule Information

In 2001, MDH toxicologists and risk assessors undertook a review process to evaluate the adequacy of the methodology used to calculate Health Risk Limit (HRL) values. Central to the effort was the intent to:

  • Provide guidance on new contaminants found in Minnesota groundwater;
  • Update existing HRL values with new toxicological research;
  • Incorporate advances in risk assessment strategies;
  • Reflect changes in values and policy regarding children's environmental health; and
  • Respond to the directive in the Minnesota Statutes, section 144.0751 (Health Standards Statute) to protect sensitive subpopulations, particularly infants and children.

This effort spanned seven years wherein MDH hosted public meetings, convened subject matter expert reviews and invited stakeholder participation to establish an updated risk algorithm and attendant policies to derive HRLs.

The efforts concluded in the repeal of Minnesota Rules, Parts 4717.7100 to 4717.7800 which were replaced by Parts 4717.7810 to 4717.7900. Formal rule revision proceedings began in 2008 and the new rule went into effect in 2009.

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