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Health Risk Limit Rules for Groundwater
2010/2011 Rule Information

MDH amended the rules on Health Risk Limits (HRLs) for Groundwater (Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4717) in 2011. The HRL values were developed based on the risk assessment methods promulgated in the 2009 rule. The scope of the 2010/2011 amendments included the:

  • Addition of HRL values for 14 additional groundwater contaminants to Minnesota Rules, part 4717.7860.

    These HRL values were developed using the methods promulgated in 2009 and account for susceptible populations (e.g. pregnant women, infants, and children) as specified in the 2001 Health Standards Statute (Minnesota Statutes, section 144.0751). The amendments include updates to replace outdated HRL values for eight contaminants, and new guidance for six additional contaminants.

  • Deletion of outdated HRL values for 26 contaminants adopted in 1993-1994 from Minnesota Rules, part 4717.7500.

  • Of the 26 contaminants repealed, MDH issued updated guidance for 15 groundwater contaminants and adopted them into rule during the 2009 rule revision. The 2011 amended rules include updated HRL values for an additional eight contaminants; and MDH issued alternate public heath-protective guidance for the remaining three contaminants. The link below provides additional information on the contaminants that were repealed.

  • Explanation on the Proposed Repeal of Guidance from Minn. Rules, Chapter 4717, Part 7500 (PDF: 35KB/3 pages)

  • Note: manganese was originally considered for repeal, but was retained in rule as a result of information and comments received during the official comment period.

2010/2011 HRL Rule Amendment
Steps Timeline Notes
Request for Comments March 22, 2010 MDH published the Request for Comments (PDF: 22KB/2 pages) in the State Register on March 22, 2010
Public Stakeholder Meetings May 19, 2010 MDH held a public meeting (PDF: 1340KB/87 pages) to solicit input
Proposed amendments to HRL rules August 16, 2010 MDH drafted amendments (PDF: 189KB/9 pages) to the HRL rules
Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) October 5, 2010 MDH prepared the Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) (PDF: 1.34MB/164 pages) supporting the proposed amendments
Notice of Intent to Adopt - Dual Notice October 18, 2010 MDH published the Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules (Dual Notice) (PDF: 162KB/4 pages) in the State Register
Comments/requests for hearing received Official comment period: October 18, 2010-November 17, 2010

MDH received numerous comments/hearing requests (PDF: 4.68MB/206 pages) from organizations and private citizens in response to the Notice of Intent to Adopt - Dual Notice
Notice of Hearing Withdrawal December 5, 2010 MDH received 35 hearing requests. Of these, fourteen were withdrawn based on MDH's decision to withdraw the proposed repeal of the HRL for manganese and retain the current HRL. See Exhibits J3 and J4 (PDF: 509KB/17 pages)

MDH canceled the hearing and published the Notice of Hearing Withdrawal (PDF: 122KB/1 pages)
MDH responses to the comments received January 28, 2011 MDH prepared responses to the comments received during the official comment period. See Exhibit J2 (PDF: 509KB/17 pages)
Adoption of Proposed Rules March 14, 2011 MDH announced the adoption of the permanent rules relating to health risk limits (PDF: 264KB/32 pages) in the State Register (p. 1395).
Rules in Effect March 21, 2011 Refer to Minn. Rules Chapter 4717.7860 (see chemicals proposed in 2010)
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