2012/2013 Amendment - Public Meeting- EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Health Risk Limit Rules for Groundwater
2012/2013 Amendment - Public Meeting

A public meeting about the possible Health Risk Limit (HRL) rules amendments was held on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at the Freeman Building in St. Paul, MN. There were about 15 people in attendance, representing stakeholders, the public, and government agencies.

Meeting materials and a summary are available below:

Agenda: 2012 HRL Rule Amendments - Public Meeting (PDF: 99KB/1 page)

Presentation: 2012/2013 Health Risk Limit Rules Amendments (PDF: 980KB/35 pages)

Summary: Topics of interest to attendees of the public meeting included 1) information about specific chemicals, including reasons why draft values (current Health-Based Values) differ from previous values in rule, 2) whether methods for developing health based values were in use by other states or the Environmental Protection Agency, and 3) the timetable for rulemaking and commenting on draft or proposed rules.

Please see the Request for Comments, published in the Minnesota State Register, for more information about the possible rules amendments and rulemaking procedure or contact Health Risk Assessment.

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