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Health Risk Limit Rules for Groundwater
2014/2015 Rule Information

MDH amended the Current Health Risk Limits Rule for Groundwater (Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4717, Parts 7500, 7850, 7860, and 7865) in 2015. The Health Risk Limit (HRL) values were developed based on the risk assessment methods promulgated in the 2009 rule, as described in the 2008/2009 Statement of Need and Reasonableness (PDF).
Substantive changes included:

  • Added new guidance values for seven chemicals (eight chemicals, if dimethenamid and dimethenamid-p are counted separately) to Part 4717.7860 of the rule.
  • Outdated HRL values (adopted in 1993 and 2009) for six chemicals were repealed (in Part 4717.7500 and Part 4717.7860) and replaced (in Part 4717.7860) by new HRL values.
  • A new part, Part 4717.7865, was created to include HRLs for triclosan, per a 2013 Session Law (Laws 2013, chapter 137, article 2, (Clean Water Fund) section 8). Unlike the other contaminants with HRL Rules, triclosan has not been reported in groundwater to date in Minnesota.


For a summary list of chemicals and water guidance values included in the 2014/2015 amendments, see the Summary of the 2014/2015 Health Risk Limits (HRL) Rule Amendments (PDF).


For full details about the rule amendment, see the Statement of Need and Reasonableness (PDF) and the Proposed Rules (PDF) published in the Minnesota State Register on August 31, 2015.

2014/2015 HRL Rules Amendments
Steps Actual Timeline Notes
Request for Comments April 14, 2014 A Request for Comments was published in the April 14, 2014, (Volume 38, Number 42) Minnesota State Register.
Public Stakeholder Meeting to inform rule development August 7, 2014 A public meeting was held August 7, 2014 about the proposed 2014/2015 HRL Rules Amendments.
Proposed amendments to HRL rules and Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) August 24, 2015

The Statement of Need and Reasonableness (PDF) and an unofficial copy of the proposed rules was added to the MDH website.

Notice of Intent to Adopt – Dual Notice

August 31, 2015

A Dual Notice of Intent was published in the Minnesota State Register. See Proposed Permanent Rules Pertaining to Health Risk Limits.

Official comment period August 31, 2015 to October 1, 2015 MDH received comments during the official comment period. There were no requests for hearing. See 2014/2015 Amendments - Comments.
Adoption of Rules

Adoption date: November 24, 2015

After review by the Office of Administrative Hearings and other reviews, the Order Adopting Rules was signed by the MDH Commissioner on November 24, 2015, A Notice of Adoption was published in the State Register. See Adopted Permanent Rules Pertaining to Health Risk Limits.
Rules in Effect December 29, 2015 Refer to Minnesota Rules Part 4717.7860 for the updated rules. (See chemicals with "Year Adopted: 2015" notation.)
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