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Health Risk Limits Rules for Groundwater
2014/2015 Amendments - Public Meeting

A public meeting for input about the proposed HRL Rules Amendments was held on August 7, 2014, at the Freeman Building in St. Paul, Minnesota.


MDH staff reviewed the history of Health Risk Limits rulemaking, described how guidance values are calculated, presented the guidance values that are likely to be proposed as rules, and explained how to comment on the rules at this point in time and in the future.

Topics of interest to attendees included:

  • How to choose and apply guidance for a specific time duration (MDH responded that the rules do not address how to apply the values),

  • Whether surface water contaminants in addition to Triclosan are being considered for rulemaking (MDH responded that all other contaminants considered for rulemaking have been found in groundwater), and,

  • How much time usually passes between the last day of the final comment period and the day the proposed rules are officially adopted (MDH described past experiences of two to four months for responding to comments and securing required reviews and approvals).

Materials provided at the meeting are available below.

Presentation slides

2014/2015 Health Risk Limit Rule Amendments (PDF)


Agenda: 2014/2015 Health Risk Limits Rules Amendments - Public Meeting (PDF)

Chemicals with guidance values eligible for the Health Risk Limits Rules Amendments proposed for 2014/2015 (PDF)

Summary of the Proposed 2014/2015 Health Risk Limit (HRL) Rules Amendments (PDF)

If you were unable to attend the meeting but need additional information, have a question, or would like to comment, please Contact Health Risk Assessment.


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