Application for Registration: Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian
Application for Registration

Sanitarian Registration Exam Application (PDF: 276KB/5 pages)
Application to Re-apply for Sanitarian Registration Examination (PDF: 118KB/1 page)
Sanitarian Registration Renewal Application and Continuing Education Report Fillable (PDF: 68KB/3 pages)

  1. Completely fill out and sign the application form.

  2. Have your official college/university transcript sent directly to the MDH.

  3. Have a letter from your supervisor and a copy of the supervisor's credentials sent directly to the MDH.

    A new policy requires that the letter must include dates of supervision and whether this is/was full-time or part-time employment. The person who provided supervision of your employment must meet the requirements in the rule (enclosed) for a qualified individual. It may be possible to have someone of a higher rank than your direct supervisor to provide this required supervision, indirectly. Please contact the MDH if you have questions.

  4. Submit the $45 initial registration fee payable to "Treasurer, State of Minnesota".

  5. Submit the $125 exam fee payable to "NEHA". If you are only applying to take or re-take the exam, please submit a statement to that effect with your check.

Failure to provide complete application information may result in application denial by the MDH Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian Registration Council.

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