Minnesota Fluoridation Rule Revision Chapter 4720.0030 - EH: Minnesota Dept. of Health

Minnesota Fluoridation Rule Revision
Chapter 4720.0030, subpart 2

The MDH Drinking Water Protection Section has begun revision of Minnesota Rules 4720.0030, subpart 2, which prescribes the minimum, maximum, and average fluoride concentrations to be maintained within municipal public water systems.

We are currently in the "Request for Comments" phase of the rulemaking process.

  • Current Rule

    Minnesota Administrative Rule on Fluoridation 4720.0030 subpart 2
  • Proposed Draft Rule

    Draft rule pertaining to the revision of Minnesota Rules; 4720.0030, subpart 2.
  • Submit Comment

    Interested persons or groups may submit comments or information on draft rule amendments.
  • Rulemaking Basics

    Summary of the main parts of the process, important documents, and time line for developing and adopting rules.
  • Contact Person

    For questions regarding the possible rule amendments.

Persons Affected

The proposed revisions to the rule would likely affect:

  • Local units of government
  • Municipal public water system customers
  • Municipal public water system owners
  • Water treatment chemical distributors
  • Oral health professionals
  • Pediatricians
  • Dental public health organizations
  • MDH Oral Health Program

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