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Community Public Water Supply
Fluoridation Grant Information

Applications for funding to provide water cooler/water bottle filling stations

The Minnesota Department of Health is accepting applications for funding to provide water cooler/water bottle filling stations to qualifying applicants.  Local public health organizations, schools and community entities are encouraged to apply for this limited-funding opportunity.
Filtered water bottle filling stations:

  • Remove lead from drinking water
  • Provide a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, especially in communities with limited access to healthy, affordable beverage choices
  • And do not remove fluoride from the drinking water; therefore providing and sustaining public access to fluoridated water which helps protect teeth from tooth decay.

An application form and additional details are available from:
Clare Larkin, MDH Oral Health Program, Prevention Coordinator   | 651-201-4230

Application deadline is June 30, 2018.

Fluoridation Grants

The Community Public Water Supply Unit is currently offering fluoridation grants.

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