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Big Falls Grant
Protecting Our Drinking Water

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Big Falls, in Koochiching County, has dealt with issues with naturally occurring levels of arsenic, especially since the maximum contaminant level for arsenic was lowered from 50 to 10 parts per billion in 2006. One of the city’s wells had high levels of arsenic, and Big Falls struggled to meet the stricter standard. Finally, the city drilled a new well and took the well with high arsenic out of service. However, this old well was close to the new well and an existing well and needed to be sealed so that it wouldn’t become a channel for contamination to get into the groundwater.

Big Falls is a small city and found the cost of sealing the well to be a hardship. Funds from the Clean Water Fund covered the $1,350 cost of sealing the well, while the city was responsible for obtaining estimates, contracting with a licensed well driller, and providing documentation to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Funds from the Clean Water Fund helped Big Falls to protect its groundwater and to continue to provide its 264 residents with safe drinking water.

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