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Canby Grant
Protecting Our Drinking Water

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In the process of developing its Wellhead Protection plant, the city of Canby, in Yellow Medicine County, discovered that a road coming out from a busy gravel pit was close to one of the city wells.  Concerned that a truck leaving the gravel pit would run into their wellhouse, the city will be relocating a utility pole and straightening and relocating the road to get them farther from the wellhouse.

Canby will be working with the county highway department (the county owns the pit) to reclaim the areas of the gravel pit closest to the city well and that are no longer being used.  All areas of the pit located within the Emergency Response Area will be reclaimed. Most of the fill has already been hauled in the gravel pit, but some additional loads of fill and earth work may be necessary to establish staple slopes for vegetative plantings. Seeding and proper erosion control efforts have been completed.  By reclaiming the pit more filtration of the runoff from the land surface will provide greater protection of the city's groundwater supply.

The Minnesota Department of Health provided the grant dollars from the Clean Water Fund.  Minnesota Rural Water Association provided on-site technical assistance and recommendations. The city is working cooperatively with Yellow Medicine County to reclaim the pit.

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