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Clarissa Grant
Protecting Our Drinking Water

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A grant from the Clean Water Fund has helped the city of Clarissa ensure that it will still have the ability to provide safe drinking water to its 609 residents even during an extended power outage or other emergency.

Clarissa, located in Todd County, had no way to provide power to their water plant in case of an extended power outage or other emergency. Minnesota Rural Water Association (MRWA), a partner of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Drinking Water Protection Section, addressed this issue while working with the city on its wellhead protection (WHP) plan . MRWA staff recommended the installation of a transfer switch and the rewiring of the city generator to accommodate the connection. The Minnesota Department of Health approved the WHP plan and, ultimately, the implementation grant.

The grant helped to fund the rewiring as well as the installation of a 400-amp transfer switch. As a result of this, the city will be able to continue uninterrupted service of its water supply to residents, even if the area experiences a power failure for an extended period.

Updated Monday, June 20, 2011 at 01:45PM