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Source Water Protection Planning and Grants
Clean Water Fund

Preventing contamination of our drinking water is the goal of source water protection activities at the Minnesota Department of Health. While we have been collaborating with cities, and smaller-sized community water suppliers since 1993 to develop and implement source water protection plans, support from the Clean Water Fund expands and accelerates the number of water suppliers that can be assisted each year and provides grants for implementing source water protection plans. Our goal is to have source water protection plans in place for all community water supply wells by the year 2020.

The Clean Water Fund is one of three current ways we support source water protection plan development and implementation in Minnesota. The pie chart below shows the three sources of funding and the respective amounts. Each year we receive funds from the federal government through the Safe Drinking Water Act. Also, each connection from a home to a community water supply is charged a small annual fee which goes into a state government special revenue account, a small portion of which is used for source water protection. In 2010, for the first time, funds from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment were added for specific initiatives.

Sources of Funding

The pie chart below shows the sources of funding for MDH Source Water Protection activities, per year. [show as Sources of Funding table]


Clean Water Fund Appropriations

The Minnesota Legislature determines how much of the Clean Water Fund comes to MDH for source water protection each biennium, or every two years. The pie chart below shows the three initiatives supported by the Clean Water Fund for the fiscal years of 2010 and 2011 and the respective amounts. Clicking on a section of the pie will take you to a page that describes the activities that portion funded. [show as Clean Water Fund Appropriations table]

Clean Water Fund initiatives for protecting our sources of drinking water include:

  1. Source Water Protection Planning – This initiative increases the number of communities MDH is able to assist in the development and implementation of source water protection plans.

  2. Source Water Protection Grants – In this economically challenging time, a modest grant, sometimes matched with other funds, can enable a local water supplier to take concrete actions to protect the source of their drinking water.

  3. Special Projects - These applied research projects support drinking water protection by addressing specific issues or questions.
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