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Drinking Water Revolving Fund
Project Priority List

The Project Priority List (PPL) is a list of proposed drinking water infrastructure projects submitted by public water supplies and ranked based on several different categories including public health protection, adequate water supply, and financial need. A public water system project must be on the PPL to be eligible for a loan through the drinking water revolving fund program. Click on Instructions below to find out how to apply for the PPL. Placing a project on the PPL is a preliminary step and does not create an obligation to obtain a loan. The PPL may also be used by other funding agencies to help determine their funding priorities.

Projects remain on the PPL until:

  • they are implemented, irrespective of their funding source, or
  • they have remained inactive on the PPL for 5 years, or
  • the water system gives permission to remove the listing.

For more information, see:

Instructions for Placing Projects on the Project Priority List

PPL Submission Checklist (Word Document)

Example of an Application (Word Document)

Priority Point Worksheet

Current Project Priority Lists:

2018 Project Priority List by Priority Order (PDF)

2018 Project Priority List by Alpha Order (PDF)



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