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The NonCom Scoop Newsletter

The NonCom Scoop newsletter is targeted to assist the owners and operators of Minnesota’s “noncommunity public water systems” – such as schools, churches, resorts, restaurants and other businesses that have their own water supply – in providing safe drinking water. It includes tips for water system operation, regulatory updates, operator training schedules, and feature stories on noncommunity public water systems.

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Fall-Winter 2016 (PDF)

  • The Revised Total Coliform Rule is Now In Effect
  • New Coliform Sample Drop-off Site in International Falls
  • About Plan Review for Noncommunity Systems
  • Private Water Supply: Conversion to Public Water Supply
    • Spring-Summer 2016 (PDF)

      • Revised Total Coliform Rule Goes into Effect on April 1, 2016
      • Success at a Small System

      Fall-Winter 2015 (PDF)

      • The Revised Total Coliform Rule Will Take Effect This Coming Spring
      • Changes in Contract Laboratories: Total Coliform and Lead and Copper

      Spring-Summer 2015 (PDF)

      • Revised Total Coliform Rule Sanitary Defects
      • Tips for Landscaping around a Well

      Fall-Winter 2014 (PDF)

      • Update on the Revised Total Coliform Rule
      • Water Pipes in Winter Weather

      Spring-Summer 2014 (PDF)

      • Virus Study
      • Revised Total Coliform Rule

      Fall-Winter 2013 (PDF)

      • Revisions to the Total Coliform Rule
      • Lead in Drinking Water Act

      Spring-Summer 2013 (PDF)

      • NonCom Going Green
      • Ground Water Rule: Assessment Monitoring Pilot Study

      Fall-Winter 2012 (PDF)

      • Nitrates in Drinking Water
      • Placing an Arsenic System

      Fall-Winter 2011 (PDF)

      • Grants for Noncommunity Public Water Supply Systems
      • Something New for Sanitary Surveys on the Horizon…
      • Upcoming Training

      Spring-Summer 2011 (PDF)

      • Security Issues
      • Ground Water Rule
      • Plan Review
      • Funding Update
      • Class Schedule

      Fall 2008 (PDF)

      • Cross Connections and Water Softeners
      • Guidelines for Opening and Closing Seasonal Water Supplies
      • Changes to Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems Rules

      Winter 2007 (PDF)

      • Plumber License Required Statewide
      • Groundwater Rule
      • Lead and Copper Rule Revision
      • Plan Review

      Spring-Summer 2006 (PDF)

      • Give Your Well A Check-Up
        Common Well Problems and Possible Solutions
      • Understanding Your Sanitary Survey Report
      • Nontransient Notes: Arsenic and Operator Certification

      Summer 2005 (PDF)

      • Give Your Well A Check-Up
        Common Well Problems and Possible Solutions
      • Understanding Your Sanitary Survey Report
      • Nontransient Notes: Arsenic and Operator Certification

      Spring 2004 (PDF)

      • Seasonal Water Supplies: Guidelines for Opening Seasonal Water Systems
      • Plan Review Requirements
      • Safe Drinking Water Act Rules
      • Continuing Education Courses for Water Operators
      • Noncommunity Water Systems by the Number

      2003 - Fall (PDF)

      • Leavenworth Township and Mathiowetz Construction Work Together for Safe Water Supply
      • Training Opportunities
      • Backflow Prevention
      • Cesspools & Other Failing Wastewater Systems
      • Regulatory Update

      2002/2003 - Winter (PDF)

      • Source Water Assessments on the Way for
        Noncommunity Public Water Systems
      • Contamination Sources in Your IWMZ
      • What to do with Unused, Unsealed Wells

      2002 - Summer (PDF)

      • For your information, New References & Resources for Water Systems
      • Water Treatment Devices: What You Need to Know
      • Operator Certification Update

      2001/2002 - Winter (PDF)

      • Water System Safety & Security: What Should Small Systems Do?
      • Bacteriological Contamination
      • Operator Certification
      • MRWA to Help Water Systems

      2001 - Spring (PDF)

      • Focus on Nontransient Noncommunity Public Water Systems
      • Source Water Protection
      • Arsenic in Drinking Water

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