Plan Review for Booster Stations - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Plan Review for Booster Stations

What do I need to include in a submittal of booster station plans and specifications?

  • A scaled site plan showing the building location, utilities, and site grading.
  • A scaled floor plan showing the booster pumps, piping and appurtenances with sizes, pressure gauges, flow meter, bypass line, and sample taps.
  • Make, model, and capacity of pumps.
  • Specifications for all equipment and materials, including manufacturer names.
  • Control specifications for the pumps.

Can the booster station be constructed as a below grade pit?

No.  The pump station must be located above grade so it is not subject to flooding and is easily accessible.  The floor elevation shall be at least 6 inches above the surrounding final grade elevation.

How many pumps need to be installed, and with what capacities?

A booster pumping station must have at least two pumps, and the peak demand required from the booster station must be satisfied with the largest pump out of service.

What requirements do the controls need to meet?

  • An automatic shutoff or low pressure controller must prevent the pressure in the suction line from dropping below 20 psi under all operating conditions.
  • The booster pumps shall not produce a negative pressure in their suction lines.
  • A normal working inlet pressure of at least 35 psi shall be maintained.
  • Prevention of excessive cycling of the pumps.
Updated Monday, June 06, 2011 at 02:16PM