Drinking Water Special Projects - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

MDH Resampling Update

A internal review conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health in the winter of 2015-2016 found inconsistent procedures associated with the handling of some drinking water samples.

Although this is unlikely to constitute a threat to public health, MDH moved immediately to strengthen and standardize the procedures as well as to conduct additional testing as need to ensure accurate assessments.

The MDH response plan for this issue includes the following elements:

  • Immediate communication and training for staff to ensure all water samples are kept at proper temperature during transport from collection site to laboratory;
  • Evaluation of past monitoring results to determine which results complied with the temperature requirements;
  • Prioritized retesting of water systems based on factors including past monitoring results; and
  • A broad, independent review of water sample handling procedures and practices of the department.

MDH is in the process of resampling public water systems around the state and has prioritized them into three tiers based on certain criteria.

The list of water samples and their priority are accessible through the links below along with a page for frequently asked questions.

Updated Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:40PM