Source Water Protection Awards: Minnesota Department of Health

Source Water Protection Awards
Source Water Protection

Every year the Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Rural Water Association jointly recognize public water suppliers who demonstrate outstanding commitment to protecting their drinking water source. The winner and finalists are announced at the Minnesota Rural Water Conference in March and are presented a Governor-signed certificate in their hometowns.

Nominating an Outstanding Public Water Supplier

Fill out and submit a Nomination Form (PDF) to nominate an outstanding public water supplier. The form includes instructions. The public water supplier must have an approved source water protection plan.

Nominations are accepted from November 1- January 15 of each year.

Previous Winners and Finalists

Congratulations to the 2017 winner and finalists listed below! Previous winners and finalists are listed in the archive.

Winner - Rock County Rural Water

  • Secured alternative funding sources for nitrogen Best Management Practices (BMPs) and used a tiered approach to pay for side dressing and crop cover application
  • Educated producers which contributed to~1,700 acres additional BMPs in the DWSMA
  • Sampled surface waters, aquifer, and tile outlets for nitrogen to better track nitrate levels and determine nitrate loading sources

Rock County Rural Water staff member holding certificate in front of a well

Finalist - Elk River Municipal Utilities

  • Sealed two flowing wells
  • Instituted an aggressive rebate program for customers who choose to install water efficient fixtures in their homes and businesses
  • Documented and scrutinized water utilized by the utility and city to discourage excessive use

Elk River Municipal Utilities staff member holding certificate in front of water body and water tower

Finalist - City of St. Cloud

  • Constructed the NE Regional Treatment System to treat 14,500,000 gallons annually
  • Constructed the NE Sump Manhole Project to treat 12 acres of runoff annually
  • Constructed the East St. Germain Stormwater Project to treat 125,000 gallons annually

Finalist - City of Brandon

  • Sampled soil and groundwater to assess risk from fertilizer plant and seed storage buildings
  • Investigated leak sites and leaking above ground storage tanks
  • Installed wellhead protection signage

Brandon staff members holding certificate in front of city sign with water tower in the background

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