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Source Water Protection
Grant Categories - Information for Applicants

Funding for the Source Water Protection Grant Program comes from the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment Fund. New grants will be awarded each fiscal year.

All public water suppliers will have the opportunity to receive Source Water protection (SWP) implementation funding but eligibility for categories of grants is determined by the type of public water supply system.

Public Water Supplier Categories

Public water suppliers (PWS) are subdivided by regulation into two major categories: community and non-community water systems, based on the type of consumer served and the frequency the consumer uses the water.

Community PWS
(serve water to a residential population)
Edina Water Tower   St. Cloud Prison
Community Municipal
e.g., city of Edina

Grant Information for
Community Municipal
  Community Nonmunicipal
e.g., Prison, Nursing Home, Manufactured Housing Development

Grant Information for
Community Nonmunicipal

Noncommunity PWS
(serve water to a nonresidential population)
St. John's University   Dayton Port Rest Area
Noncommunity Nontransient
e.g., School, Office, Factory, Daycare

Grant Information for
Noncommunity Nontransient
  Noncommunity Transient
e.g., Highway Rest Stop, Campground, Resort, Golf Course, Church

Grant Information for
Noncommunity Transient

Source Water Protection Plan Implementation Grant Invoice (Word document)

Source Water Protection Competitive Grants Invoice (Word document)

Source Water Protection Transient Grants Invoice (Word document)

Grant Narrative Report Template (Word document)

To find contact information, follow the link below. Search by County and look for the staff you need (Community or Noncommunity):

Drinking Water Protection Contacts

Grant Categories

There are 3 types of SWP grants that cover both categories of public water suppliers:

  • SWP plan implementation grants - for community and noncommunity nontransient systems
  • SWP competitive grants - for community and noncommunity nontransient systems
  • SWP transient grants - for noncommunity transient systems

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Eligible Activities

Eligible activities must protect the drinking water source. Examples of activities that were funded through our program:

  • Seal a well
  • Construct a new well
  • Install a monitoring well
  • Well inspection (video log, gamma log)
  • Educate public about drinking water protection
  • Update well inventory
  • Update contaminant source inventory
  • Upgrade membrane filters
  • Manage fuel storage tanks
  • Connection to rural water
  • Clean up illicit dumping near well
  • Support property owners to manage nitrogen
  • Spill prevention and emergency response plan
  • Generators – MDH plan review and approval is required

NOT fundable under this grant program:

  • Activities that are not protecting the drinking water
  • Activities outside the DWSMA
  • Activities that are already completed
  • WHP plan development / amendment
  • Infrastructure type of work (replace pump house building)
  • Maintenance
  • Illegal – don’t meet well code requirements

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Continuing Grant Eligibility

A public water supplier will qualify for continued grant eligibility after receiving an initial SWP grant providing that the public water supplier:

  1. has fulfilled all of the conditions that were specified under a previous SWP implementation grant; and
  2. is not currently subject to administrative penalty action by the MDH for violating public water supply regulations.

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Grant Schedule

Grants will be offered during the months listed in the schedule below* and applications will only be accepted during that period.

* If funds are available

Grant type 2017
Plan Implementation Grants March 1-25
September 1-30
Competitive Grants April 1-30
October 1-31
Transient Noncommunity Grants March 1-25
September 1-30

Previous Grant Awards

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