What’s New for FY 2014 Grant Applicants? - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

What’s New for FY 2014 Grant Applicants?

  • Starting FY 2014, there will be a minimum grant amount requirement of $1,000.

  • A public water supplier who is amending the wellhead protection plan and is applying for a grant to do potential contaminant source inventory (PCSI) work as a plan implementation strategy, application will only be considered after the revised drinking water supply management area (DWSMA) has been approved. The PCSI must follow the specifications from the Scoping 2 amendment meeting and can cover only the area of the DWSMAs (old and new) that are overlapping.

  • When using the sanitary survey as supporting documentation for a grant application, applicants must refer to the specific recommendation / requirement / deficiency / comment  in the sanitary survey.
Updated Thursday, September 01, 2016 at 12:58PM