Maps and Geospatial Data
Source Water Protection

Wellhead Protection Maps

Example of DWSMA Map:

Maps of approved Drinking Water Management Supply Areas (DWSMAs) are available as part of the Source Water Assessments of Public Water Systems for community and nontransient noncommunity public water systems.

Cannon Falls DWSMA


Nitrate Risk Ranking Maps and Reports

Example of Nitrate Risk Ranking Map:

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has developed nitrate-nitrogen (nitrate) risk maps to assist in state and local water quality planning efforts. These maps identify areas of a county with relatively high, moderate, and low risk of having elevated nitrate concentrations in ground water. The maps can be found within the reports found at:

Southeastern Minnesota Nitrate Probability Ranking Map

Geospatial Data Files

Name Date File Type Map Metadata
Class V Sensitivity DEC-20-2005 Shapefile Map (PDF: 616KB/1 page) Metadata
Drinking Water Supply Management Areas FEB-19-2015 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
DWSMA for Surface Water MAY-20-2009 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
DWSMA Vulnerability FEB-19-2015 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
Emergency Response Areas FEB-19-2015 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
Sealed Wells FEB-14-2013 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
Source Water Assessment Areas FEB-19-2015 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
Transient Noncommunity Inner Wellhead Management Zones FEB-19-2015 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
Wellhead Protection Areas FEB-19-2015 Shapefile Map (PDF) Metadata
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