Nitrate-Nitrogen (Nitrate)
Probability Maps and Reports
Source Water Protection

In 1998, MDH formed a multi-agency nitrate work group to produce guidance for predictive mapping of nitrate in Minnesota groundwater. The guidance was developed for use by state, county, and local government units.

The following links provide you with the nitrate-nitrogen ranking reports currently available for Minnesota. These reports were created using the methodology in the guidance document above.

Nitrate Probability Reports
2002 Original Method: 2011 Revised Method:
Benton County
(PDF: 399KB/22 pages)
Anoka County
(PDF: 1.06MB/16 pages)
Brown County
(PDF: 283KB/22 pages)
Carver County
(PDF: 1.03MB/16 pages)
Cass County
(PDF: 320KB/23 pages)
Dakota County
(PDF: 1.15MB/16 pages)
Cottonwood County
(PDF: 337KB/22 pages)
Dodge County
(PDF: 955KB/16 pages)
Crow Wing County
(PDF: 422KB/22 pages)
Fillmore County
(PDF: 1.73MB/16 pages)
Hubbard County
(PDF: 350KB/21 pages)
Goodhue County
(PDF: 1.13MB/16 pages)
Morrison County
(PDF: 531KB/21 pages)
Hennepin County
(PDF: 1.21MB/16 pages)
Nicollet County
(PDF: 302KB/22 pages)
Houston County
(PDF: 1.07MB/15 pages)
Otter Tail County
(PDF: 583KB/22 pages)
Mower County
(PDF: 1.06MB/16 pages)
Sherburne County
(PDF: 502KB/21 pages)
Olmsted County
(PDF: 1.26MB/16 pages)
Stearns County
(PDF: 664KB/22 pages)
Ramsey County
(PDF: 1.09MB/16 pages)
Todd County
(PDF: 359KB/21 pages)
Rice County
(PDF: 1.01MB/16 pages)
Wadena County
(PDF: 335KB/21 pages)
Scott County
(PDF: 1.17MB/16 pages)
Washington County
(PDF: 2.6MB/29 pages)
Steele County
(PDF: 903KB/15 pages)
Wright County
(PDF: 502KB/21 pages)
Wabasha County
(PDF: 1.25MB/16 pages)
  Washington County
(PDF: 1.05MB/16 pages)
  Winona County
(PDF: 1.47MB/16 pages)


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