<title>Minnesota Wellhead Protection Rule - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Minnesota Wellhead Protection Rule

Minnesota Rules, parts 4720.5100 to 4720.5590

4720.5100 Definitions.
4720.5110 Applicability.
4720.5120 Schedule; inner wellhead management zone.
4720.5130 Wellhead protection plan; preliminary requirements; schedule.
4720.5200 Data elements; assessment.
4720.5205 Wellhead protection area and drinking water supply management area delineation.
4720.5210 Vulnerability assessment.
4720.5220 Impact of changes on public water supply well.
4720.5230 Issues, problems, and opportunities.
4720.5240 Wellhead protection goals.
4720.5250 Objectives and plan of action.
4720.5270 Evaluation program.
4720.5280 Alternate water supply; contingency strategy.
4720.5290 Data elements; inclusion.
4720.5300 Wellhead protection plan development; procedures.
4720.5310 First scoping meeting procedures.
4720.5320 Aquifer test plan; procedures.
4720.5330 Delineation and vulnerability assessment review; procedures.
4720.5340 Second scoping meeting procedures.
4720.5350 Local review; public hearing.
4720.5360 Departmental review; remaining portion of plan.
4720.5400 Data elements.
4720.5500 Data reporting requirements.
4720.5510 Criteria for wellhead protection area delineation.
4720.5520 Pumping test standards for larger sized water supply systems.
4720.5530 Pumping test standards for smaller sized water supply systems.
4720.5540 Aquifer test plan content.
4720.5550 Criteria for assessing well vulnerability.
4720.5555 Criteria for plan review.
4720.5560 Implementation of approved wellhead protection plan.
4720.5570 Amendments to wellhead protection plan.
4720.5580 Variance procedures.
4720.5590 Informal resolution of disputes.

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