Water Supply Systems and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2005

St. Cloud Water Plant

Council Members Present:
Jim Sadler
Steve Kleist
John McLouth
Bob Smude
Vern Larsen
Del Haag
John Ikeda
Brent Frazier
Steve Burklund

Council Members Absent:
Cammie Johnson
Stephen Lipinski-excused

Others Present:
Cindy Cook, MDH
Mark Sloan, MDH
Don Christiansen, MRWA
Ruth Hubbard, MRWA
Jennifer Koenig, MRWA
Steve McCuskey, Hach

Meeting called to order at 10:10 am by Council co-chair Jim Sadler.


Review minutes of July 28, 2005 meeting.
Motion: Approve the minutes
Moved: Del Haag
Second: Vern Larsen
Approved: Unanimous


Cook, Smude, Hubbard.
The Training Coalition met on 8/3/05. AceOps, an Iowa operator training organization, demonstrated their CD-Rom practice exam training materials for the Coalition. Members presented their various training calendars. MRWA has a combined calendar including several trainers on the mrwa.com website. They will keep the information updated as changes are submitted to them.

Old Business

Contract Operator Guidelines

Contract operators are still needed throughout the state. Over 100 water systems recently received MDH Notices of Violations for not having a certified operator. 16 of those received forgivable penalty notices for the same reason. The MDH published articles in the latest Waterline newsletter reminding operators that contracting means performing the work, not just signing the paperwork. The certification staff has begun compiling information from other states about their contract requirements. When more information has been collected, it will be brought to the Council for review and discussion. When clear solutions are available, contract requirements will be considered for inclusion in a rule change.

NTK Update

J. Ikeda updated the Council on NTK development progress. During the next month to month-and-a-half, the MPCA is forming a work group to assess progression through the certification levels, and topic areas for review by the steering team. The Council was asked to email John Ikeda some recommendations for wastewater representatives to participate with the workgroup. Several suggested were: Jarrod Christen, Bob VanMoer, Nick Pond.

Motion: Suspend the meeting for 5 minutes
Moved: Jim Sadler
Second: Del Haag
Approved: Unanimous

The meeting was suspended temporarily to allow Jim Sadler and Steve McCuskey to present a DR-3000 spectrophotometer to Steve Kleist for use by Vermilion Community College and the SWAMP.

New Business

Discussion of email from S. Lipinski regarding low wages and replacement operators. The Council discussed how many operators will be retiring in the upcoming years, and how they will be replaced.

The Council is interested in the number of operators and the number of each class of system.

Effective Dates of Certificates.

The MPCA issues certificates effective on July 1 of each year. The MDH issues certificates each month, effective on the first date of the month following receipt of the $23 issuance fee. The certificate is active as of the effective date, not the print date.

General Discussion

Council discussed members’ absences, and possible need for further contact or replacement. C. Cook will contact C. Johnson about an MCES Council Representative.

Del Haag is running for a Senate seat in his district. John Ikeda: the MPCA has hired a new person to work on exams and the NTK.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2006, at the St. Cloud Water Plant. The agenda will include the annual review of pre-approved training programs as well as training relevancy and exam preps.

Motion: Adjourn
Moved: John McLouth 
Second: Jim Sadler 
Approved: Unanimously

Meeting adjourned

Submitted by Mark Sloan
Minnesota Department of Health
651-201-4652 or 651-201-4700

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