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Drinking Water Operator Certification
Criteria for Approval of Water and Wastewater Courses (May 2005)

Approved training subject matter includes the duties and responsibilities of operators, types of water and wastewater treatment, variations in water and wastewater characteristics, water distribution systems, and wastewater collection systems. Courses must improve the applicant's knowledge in any one or more of the following areas, as they relate to either water or wastewater treatment: basic science, mathematics, operating procedures, treatment processes, equipment, equipment maintenance, management, and state law and rules relating to water and wastewater.

  1. In order for a course to be considered as an approved training course, the sponsor must submit the following information at least 30 days prior to the course:
    1. Written objective(s) that describe expected outcome(s) for the participant;
    2. A summary of the credentials of the persons conducting the training demonstrating the "trainers" knowledge about water or wastewater and specifying the subject area that the trainers will be responsible for;
    3. A training plan that demonstrates how the course will meet the requirements described below, including a method of evaluating successful completion; and
    4. A description of how much time will be spent on training during the hours the course is conducted.
  2. Upon course completion, the sponsor must: a) submit an attendance list (for wastewater courses to the MPCA and water courses to the Health Department) and b) award a certificate of completion to each participant completing the course.

  3. The sponsor must submit for review to the Advisory Council course evaluation forms supplied/approved by the Council and completed by the participant each time the course is held.

  4. An approved course must be presented at least three times in order to be considered for placement on the pre-approved list.

  5. For pre-approved courses that are offered on a regular basis, contact hours are determined by averaging the contact hours from the prior years the course has been offered.

  6. Related contact hours are applied to courses that deal with: non-operational topics including engineering, math, and science: management topics; safety topics; laboratory topics; wastewater (for water operator certificate renewals); water (for wastewater operator certificate renewals); and vendor exhibits.

  7. "Direct" contact hours are assigned to technical courses, seminars, etc. that deal directly with system/facility operation and maintenance (including computer applications for system/facility operations).

  8. In the case of a seminar that offers concurrent sessions with both "direct" and "related" topics, direct contact hours will be assigned to the session.

  9. Vendor-sponsored training is eligible for direct contact hours if the course covers operational fundamentals of a type of product or process rather than the benefits of the product itself (i.e. sales presentation).

  10. One Contact hour is equal to at least 50 minutes of classroom lecture, demonstration, workshop, continuing education or training. One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is equal to 10 contact hours.

  11. If the training course has not been approved in advance, the program agenda must be sent by the attendee with the renewal application for contact hour determination.

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