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Licensed Well and Boring Contractor Directory
Well Management Program

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Well Management Section licenses contractors who construct, repair, modify, and seal wells and borings as defined in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 103I. Wells include water-supply wells (including drivepoint or sandpoint wells), dewatering wells, irrigation wells, and environmental wells. Borings include elevator borings, environmental bore holes, exploratory borings (for minerals, natural gas, oil), and vertical heat exchangers (geothermal heat loops).

There are ten (10) different license types that provide a wide range of well services. Well contractors are licensed to provide the entire range of drilling, repair, and sealing services. Limited or specialty licenses, such as pump installer or elevator contractor, are authorized to provide a limited range of service or work on only certain types of wells or borings. There are approximately 220 well contractors and approximately 325 contractors with limited or specialty licenses. Some contractors may hold multiple licenses.

Each contractor listed in the directory has a certified representative who has met the experience and testing requirements to qualify for certification and who obtains continuing education for annual license renewal. Each contractor maintains a corporate surety bond to ensure compliance with State requirements. All work done on wells and borings must be in compliance with Minnesota Rules, chapter 4725 (Wells and Borings), oftentimes referred to as the Well Code. Exploratory borings are covered by Minnesota Rules, chapter 4727.

The directory of licensed contractors follows this introduction. Each screen page will include a key explaining the different license types and the work that can be done under each license. This directory is updated daily. You can search for contractors by county, state, company name, or the name of the certified representative. Again, please note the license type for each contractor and make sure that it is appropriate for the type of work that you plan to have done. Since the number of contractors is relatively small in some areas of the state, you may want to search by a number of counties surrounding your home county. Some contractors do service large areas.

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