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Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal
Well Management Program

Annual continuing education is required for license renewal for certified representatives of well contractors, limited well and boring contractors, environmental well contractors, and elevator boring contractors. Environmental well contractors' licenses expire December 31 of each year. All other well contractor license types expire January 31 of each year.

  • Certified representatives for limited well/boring contractors and elevator boring contractors must obtain two contact hours of continuing education annually. The two contact hours must be from a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)-presented or MDH–sponsored program. Limited well/boring contractors include: pump, pitless, and screen contractors; dewatering well contractors; well sealing contractors; and bored geothermal heat exchanger contractors.
  • Certified representatives for well contractors and environmental well contractors must obtain six contact hours of MDH-approved continuing education annually. Two of the six contact hours must be from a MDH-presented or MDH–sponsored program.

A contact hour is granted for approved continuing education sessions when the training continues for 50 minutes. Continuing education contact hours cannot be "banked" or saved from previous years for future license renewal. Sign-up sheets are usually used to document and verify attendance.

The continuing education activity must be related to wells and borings, drilling technology, groundwater contamination, health aspects of water quality, groundwater monitoring, geology, hydrology, well construction and sealing, water systems and water treatment, or other subjects approved by MDH.

Calendars announcing continuing education opportunities will be provided in the Minnesota Well Management News newsletter and on the Continuing Education Programs webpage.

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