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Pitless Adapters and Pitless Units
Well Management Program

Minnesota Rules, part 4725.4850 requires that a pitless adapter or pitless unit must:

  • be constructed to provide complete clearance within the internal diameter of the casing;
  • be designed to be field-welded by holding the welding rod in a vertical or horizontal position, or bench-welded before field installation with a material as corrosion-resistant as the parent material;
  • have all threaded joints watertight with no threads exposed;
  • impart no taste, odor, or toxic material to the water; and
  • connect to the casing by a threaded connection, welded connection, bolted flange with gasket, clamp and gasket, or compression gasket.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has prepared the following list of approved pitless adapters and pitless units:

The MDH List of Pitless Adapters and Pitless Units (PDF).

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