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Well Sealing Financial Assistance
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Minnesota State map showing county boundaries. Identifies the type of financial assistance available in each county.

The map above indicates counties that have financial assistance programs offered by various government agencies. A cost-share program reimburses the property owner for only part of the cost of well sealing. For further information about these programs, call the contact person listed in the table below for your county or contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), County Environmental Services Department, or county water plan coordinator. There are also a number of federal and state loan and grant programs that are offered throughout the state. Preapproval is required to qualify for these programs so the arrangements for financial assistance must be made before a well is sealed.

State law requires that well sealing be done by a licensed well contractor.  To find a licensed well contractor, look in the Yellow Pages under “Well Drilling and Services” or visit the MDH Well Management Section, Licensed/Registered Well Contractor Directory.

The following government agencies in the state offer financial assistance programs for well sealing.

Agency Contact Person Telephone Number
Aitkin SWCD Steve Hughes 218-927-6565, ext. 4
Anoka County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Mary Monte 763-567-5367
Becker County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Ed Musielewicz 218-847-9392, ext. 3
Beltrami County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Larry Voltz 218-751-1942, ext. 3
Beltrami SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Bill Best 218-333-4171
Benton County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Pat Gehling 320-968-5300, ext. 3
Benton SWCD Nathan Sanoski 320-968-5300, ext. 3
Big Stone County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Krecia Leddy 320-839-6149, ext. 3
Big Stone SWCD Blayne Johnson, Tammy Neubauer 320-839-6149, ext. 3
Blue Earth County, Delegated Well Program Tim Grant 507-304-4381
Blue Earth County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Reginald Liddell 507-345-7418, ext. 3
Blue Earth SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Jerad Bach 507-345-4744
Brown County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Jennifer Hahn 507-794-4491, ext. 3
Carlton County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-720-5209, ext. 3
Carlton SWCD (State Cost-Share Program** and AgBMP Loan Program) Laura Christensen 218-384-3891
Carver County Planning and Water Management Charlie Sawdey 952-361-1810
Cass County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Jessica Weis 218-829-5965, ext. 3
Cass SWCD Brenda Davis, John Ringle 218-547-7399
Chippewa County Land and Resource Management JoAnn Blomme 320-269-6231
Chisago NRCS (EQIP Program*) Deb Hermel 651-674-7051, ext. 3
Clay County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Sharon Lean 218-233-7773, ext. 3
Clay SWCD (AgBMP and State Cost-Share Program**) Kevin Kassenborg 218-287-2255
Clearwater County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Cari Roepke 218-694-6584, ext. 3
Clearwater SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Nathan Nordlund 218-694-6845, ext. 4
Cook County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-720-5209, ext. 3
Cook County SWCD (AgBMP Loan Program) Ilena Hansel 218-387-3648
Cottonwood SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Renee Harnack 507-831-1153, ext. 3
Crow Wing County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Jessica Weis 218-829-5965, ext. 3
Crow Wing SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Melissa Barrick, Beth Hippert 218-828-6197
Dakota County Environmental Resources Dept. Vanessa Demuth 952-891-7010
Dakota County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Michelle Wohlers 651-463-8665, ext. 3
Dodge County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Brian DeVetter 507-374-6364, ext. 110
Dodge SWCD Adam King 507-374-6364, ext. 113
Douglas County, City of Alexandria Megan Chisholm 320-763-6501
Douglas County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Mark Dybdal 320-763-3191, ext. 3
Douglas SWCD Jerry Haggenmiller 320-763-3191, ext. 3
Faribault County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Josiah Olson 507-526-3282, ext. 3
Faribault SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Shane Johnson 507-526-2388
Fillmore SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Donna Rasmussen 507-765-3878, ext. 3
Freeborn County Env. Services (AgBMP Loan Program) Rachel Wehner 507-377-5186
Freeborn County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Gary Kurer 507-373-5607, ext. 3
Goodhue County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Tom Steger 651-923-5300, ext. 3
Goodhue SWCD (AgBMP Loan Program) Chris Wagner 651-923-5286, ext. 4
Grant County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Drew Mosburg 218-685-5341, ext. 3
Grant SWCD Joe Montonye 218-685-5395
Hennepin County Environment and Energy Department Dan Boeding 612-596-6627
Hennepin County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Mary Monte 763-567-5367
Houston County Dept. of Environmental Services (AgBMP Loan Program) Rick Frank 507-725-5800
Houston County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Gary Larson 507-724-5261, ext. 3
Hubbard County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Dan Pazdernik 218-732-9723, ext. 3
Hubbard SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Julie Kingsley 218-732-0121, ext. 4
Isanti County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Josh Bork 763-689-3224, ext. 3
Isanti SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Tiffany Determan 763-689-3224, ext. 5
Itasca County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Marge Sella 218-326-6595, ext. 3
Itasca SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Andy Arens 218-328-3090
Jackson SWCD Chris Bauer 507-662-6682, ext. 3
Kanabec County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Shannon Rasinski 320-679-3781, ext. 110
Kanabec SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Deanna Pomije 320-679-3781, ext. 113
Kandiyohi SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Richard Reimer 320-235-3906, ext. 3
Kittson SWCD Justin Muller 218-843-2619, ext. 3
Koochiching County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Kelly Voigt 218-634-2757, ext. 3
Koochiching SWCD Pam Tomeui, Eric Olson 218-283-1174, 1175
Lac qui Parle County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Burt Hendrickson 320-598-7321, ext. 3
Lac qui Parle SWCD Terry Wittnebel 320-598-7321, ext. 3
Lake County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-720-5209, ext. 3
Lake County SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Karen Tucker 218-834-8370
Lake of the Woods County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Kelly Voigt 218-634-2757, ext. 3
Lake of the Woods SWCD Corryn Trask 218-634-1842, ext. 4
LeSueur County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Steve Breaker, Jeremy Buckentin 507-357-4908, ext. 3
LeSueur SWCD (AgMBP Loan Program) Sue Prchal 507-357-4879, ext. 3
Lincoln SWCD Dale Sterzinger 507-694-1630, ext. 3
Lyon SWCD John Biren 507-537-0396, ext. 3
Mahnomen County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Dustin Jasken or NRCS Staff 218-935-2987, ext. 3
Mahnomen SWCD Aaron Neubert 218-935-2987, ext. 3
Marshall County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-745-4351, ext. 3
Marshall County Environmental Services Josh Johnston 218-745-5841
Marshall SWCD Darren Carlson 218-745-5010
Martin County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Betsy Norland 507-235-6661, ext. 3
Martin SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Greg Johanson 507-235-6680, 6670
McLeod SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Ryan Freitag 320-864-5176
Meeker County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Jacob Stich 320-693-7287, ext. 3
Meeker SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Joe Norman 320-693-7287, ext. 3
Mille Lacs  County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Sean Johnson 320-983-2154
Mille Lacs SWCD Lynn Gallice 320-983-2160
Morrison SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Helen McLennan 320-616-2479, ext. 3
Mower County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 507-434-2603
Mower SWCD (AgBMP Loan Program) Justin Hanson 507-434-2003
Murray County Water Resources Department Ken Bickner 507-836-1165
Nicollet County NRCS (EQIP Program*) April Sullivan 507-237-5435, ext. 3
Nicollet SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Blake Honetschlager 507-931-2550
Nobles County Public Works Department Wayne Smith 507-295-5322
Norman County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-784-4000, ext. 3
Norman SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Mark Christianson, Lori Thronson 218-584-5169
Olmsted County, City of Rochester Public Utilities Todd Osweiler 507-280-1589
Olmsted SWCD Skip Langer 507-328-7130
Olmsted SWCD (AgBMP Loan Program) Dorothy Miller 507-328-7130
East Otter Tail County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Alan Lepp 218-346-4260, ext. 114
East Otter Tail SWCD Darren Newville 218-346-4260, ext. 110
West Otter Tail County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Penny Doty 218-739-4694, ext. 112
West Otter Tail SWCD Brad Mergens 218-739-4694, ext. 3
Pennington County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Luther Newton 218-681-1612, ext. 3
Pennington SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Bryan Malone 218-683-7075
Pine SWCD Kris Larson 320-216-4242
Pipestone SWCD Kyle Krier 507-825-1185
East Polk County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Jenny Burrack 218-563-2475, ext. 3
East Polk SWCD Lisa Newton 218-563-2777
West Polk County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-281-1445, ext. 3
West Polk SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Nicole Bernd 218-281-6070, ext. 122
Pope SWCD Holly Kovarik 320-634-5327
Ramsey Conservation District Andrea Prichard 651-266-7274
Ramsey County, Capitol Region Watershed District*** Michelle Sylvander 651-644-8888
Ramsey County, City of North St. Paul Cynthia Govan 651-747-2441
Ramsey County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Michelle Wohlers 651-463-8665, ext. 3
Red Lake County NRCS Luther Newton 218-681-1612, ext. 3
Red Lake SWCD Tanya Hanson 218-253-2593, ext. 4
Redwood County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Shannon Gegner 507-637-2427, ext. 3
Redwood SWCD Brian Pfarr 507-637-2427, ext. 3
Renville SWCD (AgBMP Loan Program) Diane Mitchell 320-523-3760
Renville SWCD Cody Dale 320-523-1550
Rice County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 507-332-7418, ext. 3
Rice SWCD SWCD Staff 507-332-5408
Rock County Land Management Lynette Jauert, Mary Thompson 507-283-8862, ext. 4
Roseau County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-463-1862, ext. 3
Roseau SWCD Janine Lovold, Scott Johnson 218-463-1903
North St. Louis County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Marge Sella 218-741-3937, ext. 3
North St. Louis SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Phil Norvitch 218-741-7287
South St. Louis County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 218-720-5209, ext. 3
South St. Louis SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) R.C. Boheim 218-723-4867
Scott County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Katundra Shears 952-492-2636
Scott SWCD Jon Hess 952-492-5418
Sherburne County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Mary Monte 763-567-5367
Sherburne SWCD Francine Larson 763-567-5368
Sibley County NRCS (EQIP Program*) April Sullivan 507-237-5435, ext. 3
Sibley SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Joel Wurscher 507-237-5435, ext. 3
Stearns County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 320-251-7800, ext. 3
Stearns SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) SWCD Staff 320-251-7800, ext. 3
Steele County Environmental Services Scott Golberg 507-444-7477
Stevens SWCD Matt Solemsaas 320-589-4886, ext. 3
Swift County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Rick Gronseth 320-842-7201, ext. 3
Swift SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Sheri Gades 320-842-7201, ext. 3
Todd County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Russell Kleinschmidt 320-732-6618, ext. 3
Todd SWCD Sarah Katterhagen 320-732-2644
Traverse County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Chris Hogge 320-563-8218, ext. 109
Traverse SWCD Sara Gronfeld 320-563-8218, ext. 108
Wabasha County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Phillis Brey 651-565-2646, ext. 3
Wabasha SWCD (AgBMP Loan Program**) Terri Peters 651-565-3345, ext. 102
Wadena County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Ivan Reinke 218-631-3195, ext. 3
Wadena SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Anne Oldakowski 218-631-3195, ext. 4
LeSueur-Waseca Public Health Services (AgBMP Loan Program) Kim Shermo 507-835-0655
Waseca County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 507-451-6730, ext. 3
Washington County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Michelle Wohlers 651-463-8665, ext. 3
Washington County Public Health and Environment Stephanie Souter 651-430-6676, 6701
Watonwan County NRCS (EQIP Program*) NRCS Staff 507-375-3104, ext. 3
Watonwan SWCD Heidi Rudolph 507-375-2517
Wilkin SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Craig Lingen 218-643-2933, ext. 3
Winona County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Sue Glende 507-523-2171, ext. 102
Winona SWCD (AgBMP and State Cost-Share Program**) Wanda Anderson, Daryl Buck 507-523-2171, ext. 101
Wright County NRCS (EQIP Program*) Julie Reberg 763-682-1933, ext. 3
Wright County Planning and Zoning (AgBMP Loan Program) Bill Stephens 763-682-7338
Wright SWCD (State Cost-Share Program**) Eric Mattson 763-682-1970, ext. 118
Yellow Medicine County Zoning Office Jolene Johnson 320-669-7524

*         The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a financial and technical assistance program available through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This program is primarily intended for rural and agricultural properties. The program is limited to agricultural producers, who are property owners who raise food or fiber on the property. Depending on the county, well sealing (called "well decommissioning" in EQIP) is eligible by itself for financial assistance or is eligible if submitted with other conservation practices. Contact the local office of the NRCS in your county for details.

**       Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) have a state cost-share program to promote natural resource conservation practices in the county. This program is primarily intended for rural and agricultural properties. These funds can now be used for well sealing. Each SWCD manages its own program. Contact the local office of the SWCD in your county for details.

***     Ramsey County, Capitol Region Watershed District includes parts of Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Maplewood, Roseville, and St. Paul. The address of the property with the well must be in the district.

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