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Lakeland/Lakeland Shores
Special Well and Boring Construction Area
Well Management Program

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A Well Advisory was issued on December 16, 1987, for portions of Lakeland and Lakeland Shores, Washington County. The advisory prohibits the deepening of existing wells into lower bedrock formations or the drilling of new wells into lower bedrock formations. The advisory requires plan approval before the construction of new water-supply wells in drift or shallow bedrock aquifers.

Groundwater quality monitoring of over 360 private wells has indicated the presence of a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are solvents and petroleum products which are not naturally occurring. Contaminants have been found in 193 wells: in 86 of these wells, the levels of one or more of the VOCs exceeded the levels that are considered safe to drink. Residents in these homes were initially provided with bottled water, and have now been connected to a municipal water system. At least two sources and plumes are suspect with the northerly plume containing fluorocarbons (freon) and petroleum products, and the southerly plume containing solvents.

The geology of the site consists of alluvium averaging approximately 100 feet thick overlying bedrock ranging from the Prairie du Chien dolomite to the west, to the Mt. Simon near the St. Croix river. The groundwater flow direction is generally to the southeast toward the St. Croix River.

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