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C&TC for Providers

  • C&TC Documentation Forms for Providers and Clinics - The C&TC Documentation Forms are age-specific templates, which include all appropriate C&TC screening components. There is a template for each of the recommended 20 visits between 1-2 weeks through 20 years.
  • C&TC Provider Guide - The C&TC Provider Guide includes information on benefit coverage policy, screening information and other helpful information for health care providers and clinic staff.
  • C&TC Screening Components Standards and Guidelines - The purpose of this document is to identify the required standards for C&TC components and the personnel qualified to perform them and to offer guidelines to assist providers with C&TC documentation.
  • Minnesota Health Care Program (MHCP) Provider Manual - The on-line MHCP Provider Manual is provider and clinic staff's primary information source for MHCP coverage policies, rates and billing procedures.
  • MHCP Provider Manual - C&TC Section - The C&TC Section of the on-line MHCP Provider Manual provides information on the C&TC Program, screening components standards and guidelines and documentation requirements, billing and resource information.
  • MHCP Provider Updates - MHCP places links to new Provider Updates in MN-ITS Mailbox LINKS folder of the provider types to whom the information pertains. Sign up to get e-mail notices of new Provider Updates and other information.

C&TC Coordinator Page

  • C&TC Coordinator Handbook - The Minnesota C&TC Coordinator Handbook provides information about the C&TC Program and resources needed to perform C&TC administrative services.
  • C&TC Coordinators List - is a resource list of the C&TC CHB/Tribe Coordinators, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • CMS-416 Reports - The CMS-416 reports contain C&TC Program health screening participation rates for children enrolled in MA or Minnesota Care. The reports are broken down by state and county/tribe.
  • Your Growing Child Brochures

Children's Mental Health

Department of Education

Early Childhood Screening

Head Start

Other Important Resources:

Bright Futures, 3rd Edition, National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Parents: ABCs of Raising Safe and Healthy Kids

Maternal and Child Health Bureau – HRSA

Minnesota ParentsKnow Website