Developmental and Social–Emotional Screening of Young Children (0–6 years of age) in Minnesota
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Developmental Screening Parent Report Tools

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Developmental Screening Parent Report Tools
  Developmental Screening Parent Report Tools

Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)


Infant Development Inventory (IDI)


Child Development Review Parent Questionnaire (CDR-PQ)


Ages & Stages Questionnaire, 3rd Ed. (ASQ-3)


Purpose “To determine if a child has an undiagnosed developmental disability that requires further evaluation” A brief parent questionnaire to assess child development in five areas “A research-based system designed to obtain information from parents, making your own observations of the child and integrating these two sources of information in order to appreciate the child's functioning and needs.” A parent questionnaire designed to assist professionals with the screening and identification of young children with developmental delays.

Developmental Areas or Methods

Tests on 8 different developmental areas:

Global/cognitive, expressive language and articulation, receptive language, fine motor, gross motor, behavior, social-emotional, self-help, school and other
Asks parents to describe their baby, report the infant’s activities, their questions or concerns, and how they are doing as parents.

Development chart on back measures social, self-help, gross motor, fine motor, and language skills
6 open-ended parent questions; 25 items on a problem checklist cover health, hearing, vision, development, behavior, and parents' functioning.

Child development charts cover social, self-help, gross motor, fine motor, language.
Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, Personal-Social
Age targeted by tool 0-8 years 0-18 months 18 months - kindergarten Birth - 66 months
Cultural, ethnic, linguistic sensitivity Normed on a sample conforming to proportions in the US Census Bureau.

Written at 4th to 5th grade reading level.

Available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
Test population 95% white.

Written at a 6th grade reading level.

Available in English and Spanish.
Test population 95% white.

Written at a 6th grade reading level.

Available in English and Spanish.
Written at a 4th- 6th grade reading level.

English, Spanish, French and Korean available

Interrater: 0.95

Test-retest: 0.88

>0.70 >0.70

Internal consistency: 0.51-0.85

Test-retest: 0.92

Inter-observer: 0.93


Concurrent: 0.60-0.86

Discriminant validity data available in manual

Concurrent validity: 0.69

Discriminant validity: 0.81-0.89

Concurrent: 0.86


Sensitivity: 75%

Specificity: 74%
Sensitivity: 85%

Specificity: 77%
Sensitivity: 68%

Specificity: 88%
Sensitivity: 86.1%

Specificity: 85.6%
Practicality (time to administer and score, ease of administration) 2 – 5 minutes to complete, 10 items

2 minutes to score

There is a technical manual available online, along with guidance for health care professionals for integrating PEDS into office visits.
One double-sided page, takes about 10 minutes to complete

5 minutes to score.

Reported to be easy to use by parents
One double-sided page, takes 5 minutes to complete

Six questions and a 25-item checklist take 5 minutes to score

Reported to be easy to use by parents
Takes 10-15 minutes to complete

Scoring takes 2-3 minutes

Manuals, videos, and seminars are available
Minimum expertise for screeners and scorers Can be completed be completed independently by parents at home or in clinic setting or by interview in person or over the phone May be administered and scored by paraprofessionals. Parents complete the questionnaire, which is followed by an interview to review answers on the questionnaire. Scoring can be done by clerical staff or paraprofessionals who have been instructed by professional staff
Online Component available PEDSonline Yes Yes ASQ Pro for single-site programs and ASQ Enterprise for multi-site programs: automated scoring and report generation

ASQ Family Access for online questionnaire completion
Cost (may change over time; contact publisher) $36 for complete set; $18 for pack of 50 response forms, $79.95 for manual $45 for 75 forms $40 for manual, $45 for pad of 75 parent questionnaires $275 for starter kit (forms are reproducible)

$295 for materials kit

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