Developmental and Social–Emotional Screening of Young Children (0–6 years of age) in Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Human Services Minnesota Department of Education Minnesota Department of Health

Brigance Early Childhood Screens (0–35 months, 3–5 years, K&1)

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For further information on these criteria, see instrument technical documentation and/or publisher.

Developmental Screening Instrument Profile
General Information
Type of Instrument Observational
Date of Publication 2010
Age Span 0 - 35 months, 3 – 5 years, K & 1 grades
Available Languages English, Spanish, Laotian*, Vietnamese*, Cambodian*, Taglog*
*For K&1 Screen, kindergarten level only.
Reliability Internal consistency = .81 – .99
Test-retest = .84 – .99
Inter-rater = .90 – .99
Validity Concurrent = Infant and Toddler screens: .16 – .89; 2–year–old screen and higher: .70 – .97.
Sensitivity 84%
Specificity 82%
Administration Information
Time to administer 10–15 minutes
Time to score 2 minutes
Minimum reading level NA
Minimum scoring skills Consult manual prior to screening and scoring. Those administering and Brigance Screens should have experience and background in child development.
Ordering Information
Name of Test Brigance Early Childhood Screens (0–35 months, 3–5 years, K & 1)
Website Address
Publisher’s Address Curriculum Associates, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, P.O. Box 2001, North Billerica, MA 01862-9914
Publisher’s Phone 1-800-225-0248
Publisher’s Fax 1-800-366-1158
Publisher’s Email Email directly from website
Cost Yes, contact publisher
Educational/Training Resources
Manual available Yes
Video available Yes
Training Method

CA101 e-training (a simple online training module) at