Developmental and Social–Emotional Screening of Young Children (0–6 years of age) in Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Human Services Minnesota Department of Education Minnesota Department of Health

Screening Instruments

Screening programs in Minnesota have varying requirements of methods by which the developmental and social–emotional components of screening are met. The list below designates between parent report, observational, and social/emotional instruments.

The observational instruments listed are approved by the Minnesota Department of Education for Minnesota’s Early Childhood Screening program. The requirements for this program are outlined in Minnesota Rule 3530.3400 subpart 3.

This list is approved as of July, 2012 and will be updated in response to statutory, rule, or regulatory changes that impact Minnesota’s comprehensive screening programs. Additionally, the list will be updated as new or revised developmental screening instruments are reviewed.

Social/Emotional Screening
The instruments listed under both the Parent Report and Observational headings do not meet the social-emotional component of developmental screening required in some screening programs. To accurately identify potential problems in children, use of a social–emotional screening instrument, regardless of program rule or requirement, is recommended as a best–practice strategy.

Parent Report Instruments

Observational Instruments

Social/Emotional Screening Instruments