FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS: Next Step: Formation of the Perinatal Work Group

The Survey Team hopes this report can provide the foundation for a meaningful discussion of system change. Both DHS and the Council of Health Plans have verbally expressed support for an ongoing process to address the concerns identified in this study. Though all readers will not agree with the entirety of the final report, the intention of the Survey Team is that the report will be used as a resource which documents the relevant issues and inspires discussion and action. Toward that end, an interdisciplinary Perinatal Work Group is proposed.

This report describes the role of public health nurses as competent providers of coordinated perinatal care. Many other effective working models of in-person care coordination such as doulas, nurse midwives, patient advocates, and interdisciplinary teams are described in Appendix 6. The task of the proposed Perinatal Work Group will be to review these models, develop a shared vision of comprehensive care coordination for this urban community, and develop resources and funding streams to support the models. These activities, combined, will accomplish the goals of creating system integration, effective communication, and coordinated care for low-income pregnant women in Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

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