Family Planning Special Projects (FPSP) Grant Program

What is Family Planning Special Projects?

Family Planning Special Projects (FPSP) is a grant program established by the Minnesota Legislature in 1978. FPSP funds are appropriated biannually by the Minnesota Legislature to fund family planning programs throughout the State of Minnesota.

Who is eligible to receive FPSP Grant Funds?

Local public health departments, tribal governments and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations may apply for FPSP funds to provide family planning services to low-income, high risk individuals in Minnesota.

What services are funded by FPSP?

The funds may be used for public information, outreach, and family planning method services including medical and non-medical methods of family planning, counseling and referral.

Who is served by FPSP funded organizations?

FPSP funds are targeted to women and men who have difficulty accessing family planning services because of various barriers including poverty, lack of insurance, race, ethnicity, age or culture.