Home Safety

The Minnesota Department of Health created the Home Safety Checklist (the Checklist) to help parents of young children reduce hazards in their homes that may cause childhood injuries. Family home visitors can use the Checklist when working with parents as a tool for providing home safety education.

This page has several resources on home safety information for parents of young children. 

  • The Home Safety Checklist, available in English and in Spanish, is a brief tool that can stay in the family’s home and help parents think about what they can do to make their home a safer place.
  • The Reference Guide is intended for family home visitors. It has more detailed information on the questions included in the Checklist and tips on how to use the Checklist as a tool in developing relationships with parents.
Television Supports Cupboard Locks

View other Home Safety Resources, such as checklists on specific topics and informational web sites. These can be used in addition to the MDH Checklist to cover certain topics in more detail. 


Window Safety

View the Window Safety and Window Fall Prevention web page.