Biologic Calibration Check

To insure that the audiometer is in calibration, the person with primary responsibility for the hearing screening program should do biologic calibration checks. These calibration checks should be done each day prior to use or anytime during use when there is reason to suspect the audiometer may not be working properly. Use the “Same Ear HL” procedure described below. (Form is available here.)

Same Ear HL Procedure:

1. Obtain a threshold (500-8000 Hz) on the better ear with right (red) earphone - record the results.

2. Obtain a threshold (500-8000 Hz) on the same ear with the left (blue) earphone - record the results.

3. Check the thresholds at each frequency to see that they differ by no more that ±5 dB. If they do not vary more than this, the audiometer may not be used; if not, the audiometer should be checked electronically.