Visual Acuity Charts

Under Age 6

Choices of available charts

LEA 50% spaced rectangle Visual Acuity Set
LEA 50% Visual Acuity chart only
HOTV 50% Visual Acuity Set
HOTV 50% Visual Acuity chart only

Visual Acuity Screening Tools

LEA Flash cards
LEA Response Panel
HOTV Flash Cards
HOTV Response Panel
MN ECS VA Test (Minnesota Visual Acuity Test)

Age 6 and older

SLOAN 20 feet
SLOAN 10 feet
(This distance is not ‘best practice’ for this age group, only recommended if space is an issue)

Eye Occluders
(Recommend plastic with the ‘no peak’ lip)

Muscle Balance Screening Materials
(for Fix and follow, corneal light reflex and cross cover tests)

Lighted Disney Toys
Other small bright toys may also be used that are under 5 inches

Pen Lights
Prestige Medical
Welch Allyn Professional Penlight

Stereopsis (Optional test)
Random Dot E
Stereo Butterfly

COLOR VISION TESTING (School programs)
14 plate Ishihara
16 plate Good-Lite
Color Vision Testing Made Easy


Blur Glasses (Hyperopia)

+1.75 lenses
+2.25 lenses

Where can these charts and equipment be purchased? (MDH does not recommend one specific vendor)