Minnesota Department of Education Web Cast on the 2006 Vision Screening Guidelines

Rebecca Weber: Hearing and Vision Screening Coordinator
Debbykay Peterson: Early Childhood Screening Specialist

This recorded training session is a joint presentation by the Minnesota Departments of Education and Health. It provides an overview of vision screening requirements for the Early Childhood Screening program and Head Start program. It is highly relevant for anyone conducting vision screening of children with a focus on the preschool age child, including the Child and Teen Checkups/EPSDT program. The presentation highlights changes to the vision screening guidelines and standards effective 2006. Specifically, this training will address:

  1. What is vision screening?
  2. What are the procedures?
  3. What are the most commonly found concerns during screening?
  4. What are the kinds of referrals that result out of vision screening?
  5. What are the potential long term consequences of not having a child’s vision screened?

The equipment required to view the Web presentation is a computer with audio capability (speakers).

To view the web cast, you will need to register for the training by going to https://mde.webex.com/mde/mywebex/default.php?Rnd7263=0.2784201383495177 (select "Recorded Sessions" on the left navigation bar and then the "Vision Screening Guidelines 2006" that does not have the lock icon).

Time needed to complete web training: 2 hours.

* Vision screening of young children in Minnesota is a collaborative effort by the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health and Human Services.