When Hearing and vision screening is conducted by properly trained personnel it will lead to early identification of children with hearing loss or vision difficulties. Furthermore, screening procedures should be simple, fast, inexpensive and sufficiently reliable, avoiding under-referrals and excessive over-referrals while yielding a sufficient number of referrals to justify the time and effort placed in the program.

Training is intended for personnel that screen children in Early Childhood Screening, Child and Teen Checkups, Headstart, and school programs. MDH offers two training programs. Training is conducted in the Fall and Spring.

Hearing and Vision Screening:

In the Hearing and Vision Screening Workshop, participants will learn the basics of how to do the recommended screening procedures. Hands-on practice will be included. This workshop is for those new to hearing and vision screening or in need of a refresher course. Please bring your audiometer and otoscope with opthalmic head.

For more information, see the Maternal & Child Health Training page.


Tympanometry/Otoscopy provides hands-on practice with the instruments as well as reviewing the guidelines for pass & refer. Please bring your tympanometer and otoscope.

For more information, see the Maternal & Child Health Training page.

Hearing and Vision Screening Online Training: