Overview of Cradle of Hope changes to Safe Slumber Program for PHNs and others serving low income families

The Safe Slumber program sponsored by Cradle of Hope receives funds via a Positive Alternatives grant. Recently, changes in this program have made the application simpler and additional cribs more available throughout Minnesota.

The Safe Slumber program, is now associated with Cribs for Kids, a national program that supplies Pack-N-Play (PNP) portable cribs. The benefits of PNP over full size cribs are:

  1. Ease of set up – no tools needed
  2. Wheels allow it to be moved from room to room
  3. Portability increases likelihood that it will be transported with a family in a move
  4. Cost - $75, includes PNP, Safe Sleep reminder crib sheet, and shipping via Fed Ex (Crib and mattress cost is $170)

The PNP is safe for babies up to 30 pounds and includes a removable bassinet. This model is not returnable at any store.

How to help your client apply:

  • Refer the client to a crib site location. There are now 25 sites across the state, where she will be screened, complete an application if she meets the criteria, and eventually pick up her PNP if she is awarded one. (NOTE: Please don’t promise a client that she will receive a PNP. There is a limit to the number each site can distribute monthly and Cradle of Hope has established criteria which the crib sites must adhere to. See the PNP Agency Application for more information.)
  • If you are in an area that is too far from a crib site to feasibly use one, you can complete the application with the client, submit it to Cradle of Hope and, if a PNP is awarded, have it shipped to you (see application).
  • If you deliver the PNP, you are required to provide safe sleep education to the client and have the client sign the application indicating that she has read this educational material. You are also required to have the client sign the Hold Harmless Agreement (see application page 3).

If you have any questions about the Safe Slumber or other Cradle of Hope Programs or if you would like a supply of Safe Slumber brochures, please contact Kathy at the Cradle of Hope office (cradleofhope@cradleofhope.org or 651-636-0637).