Hearing Screening E-Learning Course

Hearing Screening E-Learning Course

Communicating Results and Follow-up

Screenings should not take the place of a medical or audiological work-up and are not to be used to make definitive statements about a child’s hearing. Screening results provide basic information on a child’s hearing status, which can be used as justification for further referral and follow-up. Verbal communication via an interpreter in addition to written information regarding the necessity of the referral should be provided to parents in their native language. It is recommended that PASS REFER terminology replace pass and fail term previously used to indicate a child who does or does not need further follow up Education staff should be informed of diagnosis and treatment so adjustments, if necessary, can be made in the child's education program. You may download more information on Hearing referral letter in a pdf format.

Monitoring referral and Follow up

Success of a screening program is dependent on the program’s capacity to track children who do not pass the initial screening through subsequent follow-up steps. These steps should be outlined in the program’s written protocol:

  • The protocol should plan for how children will be tracked and flagged for rescreening,
  • Describe what screening results documentation will be provided to parents and primary care providers,
  • Identify a plan for follow up on referrals and coordinate access to next steps when indicated.

Programs should periodically review pass rates, monitor and evaluate the program’s compliance to their established screening protocol, and review recommended follow-up sequence and timing.

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Question 1: Complete documentation of hearing risk assessment and history should include:

Question 2: Results should be communicated to parents in their own language by:

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