Hearing Screening Online Training Program

Characteristics of a Good Hearing Screening Facility

Avoid area near:

  • Fans or air conditioners
  • Hall traffic (reroute if possible)
  • Playground or street traffic
  • Group activity areas, e.g., break room
  • Bathrooms
  • Lunchrooms
  • Office equipment (copying machine, paper shredder, etc.)
  • Soft drink machines
  • Refrigerators, etc

Avoid excess noise within screening area, such as:

  • Talking
  • Paper shuffling
  • Open windows
  • Ticking clock
  • Movement of desks or other furniture

Room should be uncluttered and free of visual distraction:

  • Avoid mirror or reflecting surfaces
  • Avoid facing child towards a window
  • Avoid child facing others who may give clues to correct response

Cease screening momentarily if any distracting noise occurs.

As screening is usually conducted in a clinic, try using the last room at the end of a hall or one that is away from other rooms.