Hearing Screening Online Training Program

Hearing Screening Procedures for Clinics

Child sitting in a chair with headphones on while he is being administered a hearing screening.
Reprinted with permission from MAICO.

Please note: To test your knowledge of hearing screening and promote quality assurance during this web-based training, there will be a few test questions at the end of the following sections on hearing screening procedures.

Top Six Tips for Hearing Screening

1. Make sure that the testing area is quiet. Background noises, especially fans or heating systems, can cause distractions for the person being tested.

2. Ensure that the audiometer is calibrated.

3. Sit the child (see picture) so they can not see the audiometer or the tester's face.

4. Prior to placing the audiometer headphones on the child, be sure that the child understands the instructions by conditioning the child to raise his/her hand or to put a toy in the box when he/she hears each tone.

5. The screener and parent/caregiver accompanying the child should avoid nonverbal cues or facial expressions that could give away the correct responses.

6. For missed audiometric tones at any frequency do an immediate re-screen.

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