Hearing Screening Online Training Program

Play Audiometry

Purpose: To obtain valid results with very young children (age 3) or those children who have difficulty with standard pure tone audiometric methods.

Frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz

Supplies: Quiet room free from distractions, audiometer, child size table and chair, C&TC documentation form [Attention: By selecting the link above you will be leaving the Minnesota Department of Health Web site.] or medical chart, hearing-screening cue cards, interesting and safe toys, container for toys, and pens.

Algorithm for Objective Screening

Right ear first, one miss, immediate rescreen
Use this hearing screening chart as a guide to assist you during the hearing screening.

Reference: Don Ogsten. Minnesota Department of Health Hearing and Vision Screening program. 1980.

NOTE: If tenderness, signs of drainage, or foul odor are present in the child’s ear(s), do not proceed with audiometric screening. Document the reason for not conducting the screening. The child should be evaluated by a primary care provider.

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