Vision Screening Online Training Program - Vision History

Vision Screening Online Training Program

Vision Behavior Checklist

During the first month of life, does your child?

Look towards the face of the person holding them?

Closes eyes to sudden bright light?

When your child is 2 months, does your child?

Stare and follow a moving object?  (Follows light past midline, although might have jerky eye movement)

Look at the eyes of the person holding them?

Switch gaze between two people or objects?

When your child is 4 months, does your child?

Reach towards an object and grasp it?

Fixate on a close object with eyes not crossing?

Respond to the full range of colors?

Show visual interest to near and distant objects?

When your child is 6 months, does your child?

Enjoy looking in a mirror?

Sustain visual interest at near and distant objects?

Can maintain fixation of stationary object even in the presence of competing moving stimuli

Hand-eye coordination appearing

When your child is 7-12 months, does your child?

Notice small objects such as bread crumbs?

Recognize objects that are partially hidden?

Sweep eyes around room to see what is happening?

When your child is 18 months, does your child?

Point to objects or people using words “Look or See”

Look for and identify pictures in books?

Play with simple puzzles?

When your child is 24-36 months, does your child?

See Small pictures well with both eyes?

Able to arrange similar pictures in groups

Watch and imitate other children (30-36 months)

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