Vision Screening Online Training Program - Vision History and Questions

Vision Screening Online Training Program

Ophthalmoscope Directions

Here are the steps to using the ophthalmoscope correctly:

Illustration of a ophthalmoscope.1. Screw the head onto the power base

  • Match the notches in the Ophthalmoscope head with those on the power source (see illustration)
  • Press down until notches mesh
  • Twist clockwise
  • Pull gently to see if head is secure

2. Turn the ophthalmoscope on

  • Press red button on the top rim of the power source handle in a downward
  • Twist the button clockwise around the rim. You should be able to see the
    light in the palm of your hand when you point the narrow end toward your palm.

3. View the eye with the ophthalmoscope

  • Turn the vertical dial with your thumb until it is on the “0” setting
    (see illustration)
  • Find the “large circle of light” by turning the horizontal dial with your
    thumb (see illustration)
  • View both eyes at same time to assess geminire flex

*Important: Keep a distance of about 12 inches between you and the child.