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Vision Screening Online Training Program

Ophthalmoscope Directions

Here are the steps to using the ophthalmoscope correctly:

Illustration of a ophthalmoscope.

  1. Screw the head securely onto the power base until it clicks into place.

  2. Turn the ophthalmoscope on
    • The power base will have either a red or green button on the rim the power base.
    • Press the red button down or green button in, as you twist the button clockwise around the rim.
    • Point the side of the ophthalmoscope without the eye rest towards your hand.
    • You should be able to see a light in the palm of your hand.
    • Put the side with the eye rest to your eye and move the palm of your hand so your arm is extended.
    • Turn the vertical dial with your thumb until it is on the "0" setting
      (refer to the illustration)
    • Find the "large circle of light" by turning the horizontal dial with your
      thumb (refer to the illustration)
    • Attempt to visualize the creases in the palm of your hand through the ophthalmoscope lens.
    • View the eye with the ophthalmoscope following the Red Reflex procedure.

*Important: Keep a distance of about 12 inches between you and the child.


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