MCH Advisory Task Force Events


In 1982 the Minnesota Legislature created the Maternal and Child Health Advisory Task Force to advise the Commissioner of Health on the health needs of Minnesota’s mothers, infants and children. On December 7th, 2007 the Task Force celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The celebration brought together current and former members and staff to remember and celebrate the work of the Task Force.

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary Celebration Celebration Cake

Mary Jungwirth, Karen Christensen, Karen Adamson, Bonnie Brueshoff and Michelle Strangis

Task Force Chair Jessie Kemmick-Pintor and Past Chair Noya Woodrich
Task Force Members Allison Senogles, Marianne Keuhn and Bev Wangerin Task Force Member Dr. Neal Holton
Kathleen Fernbach, Neal Holton, Doriscile Everett-O’Neal and Kenneth Bence MDH Staff Sharon Hesseltine, MaryPat Egan and Jan Broz
Mary Sheehan and Jean Cronje Former Task Force Member Dr. Ed Ehlinger


If you have questions, please feel free to contact staff at (651) 201-3874.