2014 MCH Advisory Task Force Work Plan

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The purpose of the work plan is to develop and conduct activities resulting in recommendations to the Commissioner of Health and the MDH on priority MCH issues according to statutory charge, not addressed by any other MDH advisory group, and utilizing members’ expertise and experience.

2014 MCH Advisory Task Force Work Plan (PDF: 80 KB/2 pages)

Work Plan Priority Area Action Steps & Timeline
2015 Title V Block Grant Needs Assessment

Convene a Title V Needs Assessment leadership team to provide direction on the implementation of the needs assessment process. The Task Force will be involved in multiple aspects of the needs assessment process and updated quarterly. (January 2014 to July 2015)

Note: more details regarding the needs assessment will be shared with the Task Force as they become available from the federal MCH Bureau.
Preconception Health Continue the MCH Advisory Task Force Preconception Health Work Group to provide direction, guidance and assistance with priority identification on issues related to preconception health and life course. (Convened in 2013 and ending in 2014)
Adolescent Health Continue a work group to assist the MDH in the development of a state Adolescent Health Plan. The purpose of the plan will be to provide guidance and direction on activities to support adolescent health activities in Minnesota. (Convene planning group in 2013. Convene larger group in 2014 ending early 2015)
Infant Mortality Reduction Provide information to the MCH Advisory Task Force on multiple aspects of infant mortality reduction activities and priorities. Work for 2014 will include completion of an initial infant mortality reduction plan and the possible initiation of subgroups to address specific priority areas. A second phase plan is anticipated in early 2015. (Complete initial plan and convene subgroups early 2014)
Children and Youth with Special Health Needs Monitor the ongoing implementation of recommendations from the CYSHN Strategic Plan. (Quarterly meetings)
Children and Youth with Special Health Needs Parent/Youth Work Group Convene a work group inform the statewide CYSHN program and help to identify gaps, assess services available to families, and determine MDH next steps for action in better meeting needs of Minnesota families. (Convene early 2014 and ongoing)
Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System (PRAMS) Continue to convene the PRAMS Advisory Committee. Minnesota PRAMS gathers state-specific information on the health of mothers and infants in Minnesota. This committee provides input to the MDH on using PRAMS data to address public health issues and to develop effective programs and policies. (Meet annually with ongoing input)
Standing Work Plan Items Action Steps & Timeline
Work Group/ Committee Updates The Task Force will receive regular updates on the progress of work group/committees listed above. The Task Force will also receive updates on the progress of the legislatively-mandated Prematurity Task Force and other groups relevant to the work of the Task Force. (Quarterly meetings)
2015 Title V Block Grant Application and 2013 Annual Report Review 2015 block grant application and 2013 block grant annual report. (September 2014)
Program Updates Receive updates from MDH or community programs and partners on MCH/CYSHN-related activities. (Quarterly meetings)
Member and Family Stories Receive information from Task Force members on their personal or professional stories. (Quarterly meetings)
Legislative update of interest to Task Force Receive updates on legislative activities specific to maternal and child health and children with special health care needs of interest to Task Force. (March and June 2013 and ongoing)
Task Force Executive Committee Convene quarterly meetings of the executive committee one month prior to the full Task Force meeting. (Quarterly meetings)
Betty Hubbard MCH Leadership Awards Solicit nominations for Betty Hubbard awards. Review and recommend award recipients to the Commissioner of Health. Present the awards. (May-December 2014)
Coordinate activities with State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC), Rural Health Advisory committee (RHAC) and Office of Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH) Task Force staff will maintain relationship with the State CHS Advisory Committee (SCHSAC) and Office of Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH) staff. Task Force members representing SCHSAC and OMMH share information at Task Force meetings and share information about Task Force with represented groups. Submit quarterly updates from Task Force to SCHSAC. Invite OMMH Director to Task Force meetings. (Ongoing)
Develop 2015 Work Plan Brainstorm ideas for 2015 Work Plan and discuss priority areas for 2014 Work Plan with executive committee. Full Task Force reviews and approves 2015 Task Force Work Plan. (September-December 2014)
Family Delegate Continue to support the role of the family delegate, including participation in the AMCHP Family Delegate/Mentor program. (Ongoing)