Other Websites with Breastfeeding Information

Breastfeeding Information

The following websites are included for your reference only. They do not necessarily reflect the position of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Websites for Answers to Common Questions

  • BabyGooRoo
    BabyGooRoo has breastfeeding information in written and video formats for those seeking general breastfeeding information.
  • KellyMom
    KellyMom has parenting and evidence-based breastfeeding information that is updated regularly.
  • La Leche League
    Breastfeeding information for parents provided by La Leche League International.

Minnesota Law Protecting Breastfeeding

  • Workplace support for breastfeeding
    The 2003 State of Minnesota Statute 181.939 Nursing Mother describing an employer's responsibility to allow a nursing mother time to express breastmilk each day when at work.

Websites with Other Languages

  • ECHO Breastfeeding Your Baby Videos
    These are short videos in different languages that cover the importance of breastfeeding, techniques and tips to successfully breastfeed. Languages include Somali, Hmong, Spanish, English and others.

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